Saturday, January 7, 2012

I wish I could tell ALL of my customers NOW!

If you own a restaurant or any other business for that matter then no doubt you've had this feeling. Wouldn't it be great to add a new item to your menu and then instantly send a text message to a few thousand of your My Text Club members letting them know about it? Better yet, wouldn't it be great if 97% of everyone that you sent the message to actually opened it and most of them read it within minutes? What would happen if you offered 20% off that item as an EXCLUSIVE offer to your text club and make the offer valid only if they bring a friend? I bet you'd get 20% or more of your text club to pay a visit, bring a friend, buy more than just the new item and make a nice profit! I'm betting also that some of your My Text Club members who were camping out on the couch may have a craving sparked and decide to pay your business a visit! I'd also bet that the "friend" would opt-in to your text club and eventually become yet another loyal customer. I'm not a betting man however since we've actually made this happen, I would bet that you'd experience the same result!


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